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Whoot Whoot!

Let’s talk about that hot girl summer type faith, my girl!

We hear about faith so often, but what is it exactly and how are we to go about it?



Quick story.

Last summer, I wasn’t sure if I’d heard God correctly on traveling to the Pinky Promise Conference. I knew he’d told me I’d attend, but I didn’t know when. I doubted. I doubted because I wasn’t in a position at that moment to just up and leave to Atlanta so soon, (a few weeks prior) with no funds. Not to mention there were no rooms left near the actual conference downtown.

I didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t see how or why God would tell me to purchase a ticket with my last.


In my SJR voice, “can’t imagine it”!



I sat on the thought of “what if” for a while.

I called my accountability partner at the time, and she encouraged me to be obedient and stepped out on faith. I purchased my ticket driving back from Alexandria & literally allowed God to do His part and make a way for everything else.

My biggest thing was, God told me this so He’s not a liar. I was only asked to have faith.



After I took the first step, God had given the next step.


Couldn’t it be that God hasn’t given you the next step because you haven’t answered to the last thing he told you to do?

But I’ll carry on. That’s a message for another time!


Before I left NOLA, my stay for the conference was secured, gas was covered, & meal plans were taken care of all in about 2 weeks! If that to be honest!



Y’all, what if I had been disobedient and not had faith? I may not have received the healing I’d received. The healing I needed. That transformation that was needed! I may not have encounter God the way I did. I probably wouldn’t be telling my story had I not taken that leap of faith in particular. Why? Because so much was on the other side of my obedience and my faith. Things I never imagined! THINGS I DID NOT SEE!


Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing faith. Holding one another accountable. We are fighting for the things unseen, and we will NOT fold!

We may get tired, cry a river, sweat blood even, but we will get back up and fight!



So, my challenge to you and even myself in this season. Over the next 21 days, EXERCISE YOUR FAITH. SPEAK LIFE and not doubt the God we serve. SNATCH BACK OR BUILD YOUR GOD SIZE FAITH!

Think back to the times you had to have faith and had no one to lean on BUT GOD. Think about how He’s come through before. On time. HIS TIMING.


faith: complete trust in someone or something

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen



What are you depending on God for? Healing? On time bill payment? Apartment/ home approval? Peace on your job? Intimacy/ an encounter with Him? Peace in your home or marriage?

What is it He’s promised you that you’ve started to doubt? What is it that you need from Him? How are you going to trust Him? How will you keep your faith and not allow fear to take over?

Don’t look at what you see, but know WHO He is.

*We will touch base throughout this challenge via insta/ TIG site! Feel free to comment, email or DM on insta.

Remember, grace yourself, sis.

p.s. this is grace

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Destiny Brown
Destiny Brown
Aug 03, 2019

Brie! Yes and Amen! You all will get that home, queen. He will not fail you & this we know!

Danielle! Sis, its nothing but God! I'm glad he was able to speak to you, love!


Danielle Wade
Danielle Wade
Jul 30, 2019

Thank you for this message. This is exactly what I needed this morning! We must stay obedient, patient and trust in his timing!


We are depending on God for our own place. Trusting that He is going to allow us to save up what we need and to also increase our income so we don’t deplete our savings!

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